Top 5 Destinations off the Beaten Path

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A luxury vacation can be great, especially when you’re blowing money in the right place. Off-the-beaten-path locations may be what you’re after for a good time. Here, we have presented 5 places for you to get value for your money and time. Take a dive with us!

Petite Anse Beach, Seychelles

Seychelles has the Petite Anse Beach ready for those looking for an off-trail place to discover a fun-filled getaway. This Baue Lazare attraction offers paradisiacal surroundings that keep you in awe. Visitors get to feast their eyes on clear waters, rich greenery, beautiful sunsets, and so on.

With private pools, spa sessions, beautiful sunsets, and more relaxation options; you can have a very pleasurable time at the seaside. Lodge at one of the villas having one bedroom and an exclusive balcony. It’s a perfect place for solo travel or a romantic trip in Africa. The Four Seasons 5-star hotel and resort is available to match your expensive tastes.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania

In Tanzania, Africa, there’s the Ngorongoro Conservation Area that can get you a captivating view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. You could just be tempted to go over to its base and attempt a climb. Away from temptations, an adventure awaits you from the site’s safari to the Highlands camp.

Visitors won’t only have the pleasure of the views, but also the weather. You can be one with nature, while enjoying this location’s pleasant climate. There’s access to luxurious features in terms of premium lodges, great food prepared with local organic ingredients, and a very close look at wildlife. Get to experience it all while hanging out in a well-equipped personal domed tent.

Skyloft, Las Vegas

Vegas, US… You should know you’re getting a great view from wherever you would be. MGM Grand’s Skyloft can give you just that: Luxury in a resort that’s globally acclaimed. Oh, that’s not all. It has an AAA Five-Diamond rating. Maybe it would get you super-excited to know that it also has a Forbes 5-star rating.

Now that you know you’re getting nothing but first-rate service from one of the best hotels in the world, you only need to put your money where your desire is. Guests enjoy private sanctuaries, butler services, and the mountain view—including access to a fitness center, restaurant, pool, and casino.

Sky Lobby, Tokyo, Japan

This is a 5-star hotel in Asia that can get you a remarkable view of Tokyo. Its surroundings are pristine with well-designed interiors and exteriors. Sky Lobby offers guests luxurious baths, restorative retreat options, fine dining, and bars. You’ll be getting all these with a taste of Japanese-style hospitality.

Armana Resort, Australia

Situated two hours away from Sydney, this secluded beach site offers visitors a wide view of the ocean, as well as a private deck for each guest. Below are the attractions you’ll be enjoying:

  • Heated outdoor pool
  • Spa
  • In-room massages
  • Dolphin watching
  • Kayaking

You can see how these destinations are scattered in various continents—North America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. You truly have the best options from each continent here!